Linksys brand is quite a famous brand when it comes to routers & extenders. Their increasing popularity is all because of their advanced settings and user-friendly web interface. Just because of a user-friendly web interface, the user gets the chance to setup their router easily. There are lots of methods, by which you can setup your Linksys router, but setting up your router, via setup wizard is another experience. So, if you are also eager to enjoy, high-speed internet connectivity, you must opt for Linksys wrt54g router. This particular router is quite popular among households and small offices. So, if you also wish to setup, home network at your place, with Linksys router, the first learn about Linksys setup wizard wrt54g. On this page, we will try to solve Linksys router uses queries about Linksys router setup, via setup wizard. Under setup wizard, the user doesn’t require any setup CD or any other additional setup software. All you need to do some cabling and get started with a high-speed internet connection. So, for now, we won’t delay the process of Linksys setup wizard wrt54g. Here at this point, we just want to inform you that, you can contact us anytime. Just in case, you were left with any doubt, end of the blog.

Tips to Use Smart Setup Wizard to Setup Linksys Wrt54g

Configure your Linksys wrt54g with ease, with below given steps. In these steps, we will make use of the Smart Setup Wizard. So, go through the each and every point and learn Linksys router setup instantly.

  • First Of all, connect your Linksys Wrt54g router, to your computer, by using an Ethernet cable.
  • Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the router LAN ports, & another point into the computer Ethernet port.
  • Remaining ADSL internet cable for go into the WAN port of your router.
  • Just after the connection between your computer and router gets established, launch a web browser.

After Initial Linksys Setup Wizard Wrt54g, get ready to log in to your router web interface.

Linksys Router Login Steps 

  • Start with, opening a web browser on your computer, which you are using for Linksys Setup Wizard Wrt54g.
  • Now, type the Linksys Wrt54g router, default IP address, into browser address bar. If you are not aware of Linksys router default IP address, you can try using the default web address. Or if you have no idea about the web address also, talk to our experts.
  • Once you get the detailed information, proceed to next steps. On next window, you will need to provide SSID & password, in their relevant fields & hit Enter button.

To know further steps of Linksys setup wizard wrt54g, contact us at our toll-free number. We also have 24/7 working live chat support window; through this, you can get answers to your queries instantly. Or in case, you want to share, our service feedback with us, simply post your comments in the comment box.


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