At our customer support, we get most of the queries regarding how to reset the router. Resetting router has become one and all solution to getting rid of the issue. The truth is slightly different from this myth. First, you lose all your customized settings. Second, you lose your customized secure passwords the last one is that you require configuring your router once again. Once you reset your router, you get back to your old router with default factory settings. Means customized your router the way you did in the past. Whenever Customers place call at our customer care number, we only suggest noting down your previous settings.

This saves your time & energy towards configuring your router. So, you also reset your router & again want guidance for Linksys router setup, we are here to help. So, let’s start Setting Up your Linksys router.

Here are the Steps to Reset Your Linksys Router

There can be many issues that might prevent you to access Linksys router web user interface. Or you might face issue with a domain name. All these compel you towards resetting your Router. So, let’s reset the router.

  •    Press the reset button placed at the rear of the Linksys router. Make sure Power LED blinks when you press a reset button. It shows router is reset correctly.
  •    If you have Linksys router Old Model then, press reset button for 30 seconds.

Linksys router setup

  •    Once you press the reset button, Unplug Linksys power adapter then Re-plug it.
  •    Power LED of the router blink for some time, once you reset your router.
  •    Wait for a Minutes, of power light doesn’t out to be solid then, Powercycle Linksys router. Take assistance for Powercycle Linksys router from our experts, on Toll-free number 24/7.

Before you Move further for Linksys Router Setup, Take a Look at Resetting Linksys Router via web-based setup page.

  •    Open a web browser, to access router’s web-based setup page.
  •    To know how to access web-based setup page get to connect to our Expert Team.
  •    Once you reach to Web user Interface, go for Administration tab & then click to Factory Defaults sub-tab.
  •    Now you have reset your Linksys Router. It’s a time to move towards Linksys router setup.

We have a dedicated team that can guide you through re-configuring the Linksys router for Cable Internet connection. At this point, we can only advise you take assistance from our Experts. After you reset your Router to factory default, first step that is important for your router is changing the router’s password. It safeguards your router from external threats. No third person can access your router network, once you protect router with customized passwords. So, it is advice from our entire team that you at the earliest Change your router password.

There is an abundance of Websites available that has the record of default password for your every router model. So, take a smart move, contact Our Team for Linksys router setup smartly. We have a team that works Round the Clock for router issues. Contact team on the toll-free number. If you wish to do a live chat with the team, go for Live chat support window. Don’t forget to share your Valuable views and Feedback with our team via comment box. The team will get back to you at the earliest, call right away to enjoy interrupted Router service.

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