Many time Linksys router user complaint regarding the poor signal quality of the Linksys router. They get frustrated because the poor quality of the Linksys routers may result as many other issues like slow upload and download capability. Some time the internet connection also gets dropped during the uploading or downloading. Here we are providing the possible solutions you can try if you are facing the slow or poor signal issues with the Linksys router.

  • The locations where you have placed the Linksys router also affect the WiFi signal quality. Make sure to place the Linksys router in an open area so that router can transmit the WiFi signals without any kind of disturbance. Also, make sure not to place the any of the device near the Linksys router because the area near the router is considered as a dead zone for any of the wireless device you are using.
  • May be you are facing the issues because of the IPS that is your Internet Service Provider. You can try the signal quality using the Ethernet cable. Connect the computer with the modem using the Ethernet cable and check if you are still getting the slow connection issues. If you are getting the same problem, you can contact with the IPS so the issues can get resolved easily.
  • Make sure that you are using the correct wireless security settings for the modem or router. Sometimes the security measures you have set for the Linksys modems can also affect the WiFi signal quality for your home network.
  • You can also change the wireless channel settings to improve the WiFi strength for your home network. To make change such settings, you have to go for the Wireless settings and under the Wireless settings you can select the option Basic Wireless Settings. you need to change the channel to 1 or 6 or 11 and after changing the channels, you just need to click on the Save button.

Make sure that you regularly update the firmware for your Linksys routers. updating the available firmware for the router is the best way to boost the overall working experience with the router and modem devices. You can download the latest available firmware for the Linksys router from the official website for the Linksys routers.

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