Setting up parental control in router signifies that user is concerned about online activities on his router. it not only save from any third party interference in users network but also keep an eye on users children’s online activity. So from security point of view parental control is a great feature so let’s learn how to initiate it in LINKSYS X6200 AC750 Parental control prevent any third unknown person by doing interfere in anyone network.

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Parental control gave features of time limit for internet usage, program specific controls, web access, block specific website & game content. So let’s go further for setting up parental control in LINKSYS X6200 AC750. If anyone tries to open blocked website they will get a message of getting login to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account & changing parental control settings.

  • First of all login in to Log into Linksys Smart Wi-Fi. If you don’t know how to get login to LINKSYS X6200 AC750 than you can ask the steps for it from router login support team on toll free number.
  • After successfully login to LINKSYS X6200 AC750, go next to Apps & click on Parental Controls.
  • In order to start parental control settings click Enable parental controls button & check if you see ON option on screen.
  • Now make selection of the computer on which you want to setup parental control, just write the name of the computer in the Restrict Internet access on List.
  • For blocking access of internet on any computer go under Block Internet access.
  • Users can choose further setting as per their requirement.

For any other information on LINKSYS X6200 AC750 parental control or any other option approach linksys router login support or technical support for router login.

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